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The definitive workflow for creating best-in-class customer experience. SegmentOne® helps engineering, marketing and product teams move faster to design valuable customer experiences.

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Get Your Data Into SegmentOne

Connect to your real time event stream in SegmentOne, push real time events via SegmentOne's own libraries, upload ad hoc CSVs and pull in data from your own APIs. Data is critical for segmentation and email personalization, so when it comes to data we've got your back.

SegmentOne understands data about users and their actions ("events"). We cache this data to enable powerful segmentation and automation.



View and model your customer data in one place

We provide a scalable system to turn your customer data into meaningful segments. Forget "lists", forget manual maintenance of user states and remove scattered segmentation from your application and backend architecture. Use SegmentOne to design segments via our UI and store them centrally in one place.

Create, save and deploy completely dynamic groups of your customers based on their attributes and actions.

Troubleshoot, investigate and deep dive into your customer lifecycle. View all of the data SegmentOne knows about each of your customers.


Complete template manangement. Advanced scheduling design.

Craft email automation, sms automation or push message automation from a single dashboard. You can dream up using SegmentOne's powerful tools: schedule one-off campaigns, recurring campaigns (hourly, daily or weekly), design drip and automated campaign workflows and trigger transactional emails, all in one place.

Send an ad hoc campaign or automate an entire series of emails with specific segmentation: SegmentOne helps you deploy your email content and logic with total control.


Scalability and centralised reporting

Deploy your email/sms/push automation and content reliabily whether it's to one or 100+ million customers.

Maintain your email reputation and control your deliverability by leveraging one or more of the most popular email infrastructure platforms.

Output data about every email interaction to your own API for data warehousing using webhooks.


Benefits For You

Track Conversions

Go beyond just clicks and track the true success of each campaign using user actions as converion goals.


Get aggregate and day-by-day breakdowns of every campaign sent through SegmentOne.

CSV Imports

Hit the ground running and import your customer attributes and actions using SegmentOne's CSV import tools.

Put your data first and craft better product experiences.