Behavioral Analytics and User Engagement

Deep user insights, powerful segmentation and personalized messaging in a single platform.

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Powerful analytics suite to understand user behavior.

The more you understand your user, the better you can engage them.

Rich user profiles

Understand your users better as they interact with your website/app.

Build a profile for every user who visits your app/website and store their demographic data, each interactions, campaign visits and transaction history. Analyze user actions such as registration, watching a video, browsing a catalog or purchasing. Append data instantly to the user’s profile so you can analyze it right away.

User Segmentation

Group users based on their activity, location and profile info.

Group users by what they’ve done in your app/website, or by what you want them to do. It can be as simple as users who launched the app for the first time in the past 30 days, to the more complex, such as your users acquired via a Facebook campaign in April who transacted 3 or more times in May and June but not in the last 2 weeks.

Retention Cohorts

Measure how many of your new users come back.

Cohort analysis helps you to understand and group users who have demonstrated a certain behavior in your app/website and track their subsequent actions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Measure user retention, engagement or a variety of essential business metrics such as how long it takes on average for a new user to transact.


Optimize your marketing channels for user acquisition.

Measure the effectiveness of campaigns run on different advertising platforms to understand which channels yield most engaged and profitable users. Compare long-term retention and value of customers from virtually any source.

Exceptional user engagement experiences powered by world-class analytics.

Send contextual messages at the right place, right time and through the right channel.

Triggered and Scheduled campaigns

Schedule one-time, recurring, and triggered campaigns based on user behavior.

Send campaigns at a certain scheduled time or trigger them off of a user’s activity. For eg: If your user watched some videos in the past, send a message to encourage them to watch the next one in the series.

Clever Campaigns

Engage your users with smart pre-built marketing campaigns.

Clever campaigns are designed to run across the entire life cycle of the product to retain acquired users, drive product engagement and help in user win-backs. Email, push and popups; Choose the most optimal channel for your specific use case.


Send personalized messages using name, location and past behavior to drive engagement.

Instead of a generic broadcast message that sends everyone the same content at the same time, personalization lets you tailor notifications so they become an extension of your core product experience.

A/B Testing

Compare multiple versions of a message with different copies, creatives or calls to action.

Quickly experiment, learn and optimize your growth strategies. Run experiments where different versions of the output are shown to the audience and statistical analysis is used to evaluate which variation is most likely to achieve the desired objective.

Put your data first and craft better product experiences.